1. Iran Freedom and Revolution Watch, hitherto referred to as IranFRW, is a group of all those who in support of the “third revolution” of people of Iran, in support of freedom and revolution, take fore common and coordinated activities with the aim of providing support to make this revolution and its demands victorious.


  1. IranFRW is the common and general international action of all individuals who irrespective of their language, nationality, religious and political background, irrespective of their geographical location of residence, believe in the victory of this revolution and endeavour for its achievement.


From the viewpoint of IranFRW, the victory of this revolution has become possible as the extensive experience gained from the defeat of both the constitutional and 1979 revolutions, has made the society and people of Iran more resilient in forming this new, third revolution, and in advancing it more consciously.


  1. IranFRW views the victory of this first and foremost women’s revolution is the unconditional achievement of its demands, that is complete abolition of the entire gender apartheid rule in Iran and prohibition of the rule of religion and Islam in the lives of women, girls and society - an essential issue which must be protected throughout the revolution, in all its phases and junctures. We believe that the respect for humans and women, respect for happiness, welfare and humane life for all, respect for children and our environment have priority over respect for any religion, belief and way of life! The slogan of “Woman, Life, Freedom” is the essence of this aim and the blueprint of the united efforts of people in Iran for its realisation.


  1. IranFRW will use all means at its disposal in its actions in defence of freedom and revolution in Iran, including acting as a pressure group on the [different] states and institutions, gathering the support of civilised people of the world, organisations who support the rights of humans, and organising meetings, marches and rallies


5.IranFRW welcomes all groups, organisation, personalities, activists and interested bodies; and is ready, within the framework of its objectives, to work with them in defence of revolution and freedom in Iran.


March  2023